Studying Business Abroad: The Benefits of Barcelona

Do you plan to study in a foreign country? Along with what you want to study, you should think carefully about where you want to study. Choosing the right school is an important decision that can have a huge impact on your overall educational experience.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to Barcelona, Spain, as a desirable destination for further education. Read on to discover why it’s so incredibly popular with foreign students and discover the different learning opportunities available.

Barcelona and Education: What You Need to Know

  • Barcelona is home to approximately 188,000 students. In 2014, 20,000 of them were international students, and this number is bound to have grown significantly since.
  • There are 39 universities in the city of Barcelona alone. Combined, they offer a range of 425 study programs.
  • To study in Barcelona, you must have your qualifications approved by the Ministry of Culture, Education, and Sport. Depending on your native language, you may also need to provide official translations of these documents to the Delegación del Gobierno in Barcelona.
  • If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss national, you do not require a visa to study in Barcelona. All you have to do is register with the Central Office for Foreigners.
  • If you’re a non-EU citizen, you must apply for a student visa at a Spanish embassy.

Entrepreneurship in Barcelona

Barcelona is fast becoming known for its startup scene, attracting international students interested in the world of business. Some of the biggest names in the local startup scene include:

  • Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City: a startup that aims to promote and reinforce the city as a technology hub by connecting key actors.
  • Helena Torras, co-founder and CEO of B-Wom: a company that has developed an app to empower women through digital coaching.
  • Oscar Pierre, CEO and co-founder of Glovo: a popular delivery app.
  • Cecilia Tham, founder of coworking space MOB and FabCafe Barcelona, which combines a coffee shop with a digital fabrication lab.
  • Thomas Ohr, CEO of an online publication that focuses on startup-related news in Europe.



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